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The Natural Way to Draw

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Section 1: Contour and Gesture
Exercise 1: Contour Drawing
Exercise 2: Gesture Drawing
Exercise 3: Cross Contours

Section 2: The Comprehension of Gesture
Exercise 4: Potential Gesture
Exercise 5: The Flash Pose

Section 3: Weight and the Modelled Drawing
Exercise 6: Weight
Exercise 7: The Modelled Drawing

Section 4: Memory Drawing and Other Quick Studies
Exercise 8: Memory Drawing
Exercise 9: Moving Action
Exercise 10: Descriptive Poses
Exercise 11: Reverse Poses
Exercise 12: Group Poses

Section 5: The Modelled Drawing in Ink – the Daily Composition
Exercise 13: The Modelled Drawing in Ink
Exercise 14: The Daily Composition

Section 6: The Modelled Drawing in Watercolour – Right-Angle Study
Exercise 15: The Modelled Drawing in Watercolour
Exercise 16: Right-angle Study

Section 7: Emphasis on Contour – the Head
Exercise 17: The Five-hour Contour
Exercise 18: Quick Contour
Exercise 19: The Head
Exercise 20: The Gesture of the Features
Exercise 21: Right-angle Contours

Section 8: Special Form Studies
Exercise 22: Part of the Form
Exercise 23: Ten-minute Form Studies

Section 9: An Approach to the Subject of Technique
Exercise 24: The Modelled Drawing in Ink – continued
Exercise 25: Back to the Model

Section 10: The Simple Proportions – Effort
Exercise 26: The Modelled Drawing in Watercolour – continued

Section 11: The Study of Drapery
Exercise 27: Quick Studies of Drapery
Exercise 28: Long Study of Drapery

Section 12: The Figure with Drapery – the Subjective Impulse
Exercise 29: The Figure with Drapery
Exercise 30: The Daily Composition – continued

Section 13: The Sustained Study
Exercise 31: The Extended Gesture Study
Exercise 32: The Sustained Study

Section 14: Light and Shade

Section 15: An Approach to the Study of Anatomy
Exercise 33: Study of the Bones

Section 16: The Long Composition
Exercise 34: The Long Composition

Section 17: Exercises in Black and White Crayon
Exercise 35: The Sustained Study in Crayon
Exercise 36: Gesture in Black and White
Exercise 37: Drapery in Black and White

Section 18: Studies of Structure
Exercise 38: Gesture Studies of Anatomy
Exercise 39: Hand and Arm
Exercise 40: The Shoulder Girdle
Exercise 41: Leg and Knee
Exercise 42: The Foot
Exercise 43: The Eye
Exercise 44: The Ear

Section 19: Analysis through Design
Exercise 45: Contrasting Lines
Exercise 46: Straight and Curved Lines

Section 20: Study from Reproductions
Exercise 47: Composition from Reproductions
Exercise 48: Anatomy from Reproductions
Exercise 49: Analysis of Reproductions

Section 21: The Muscles
Exercise 50: Study of the Muscles

Section 22: Exercises in Black and White Oil Color
Exercise 51: Sustained Study in Oil Color
Exercise 52: Gesture Drawing in Oil
Exercise 53: Half-hour study in Oil

Section 23: Analysis through Design – Continued
Exercise 54: The Predominating Shape
Exercise 55: Modelling the Straight and Curve
Exercise 56: Straight and Curve in Frames

Section 24: The Subjective Element
Exercise 57: The Subjective Study

Section 25: An Approach to the Use of Color
Exercise 58: Gesture on Colored Paper
Exercise 59: Straight and Curve in Color
Exercise 60: The Subjective Study – Continued
Exercise 61: The Sustained Study in Oil (Variations)
Exercise 62: The Sustained Study in Oil – Continued
Exercise 63: Full Color
Exercise 64: Arbitrary Color

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