The Drawing Portfolio

Every artist needs supplies. With the Drawing Portfolio you don't have to worry whether you've got the right materials because we've already thought of that for you. The contents of the Drawing Portfolio have been designed and put together by Dr Betty Edwards and Brian Bomeisler.

Every participant on the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® 5-day course is given a portfolio and it is yours to take home and keep.

Included too are some specific tools that were designed by Brian Bomeisler and are unique to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain®.

drawing tips

With a recommended retail price of £115, the Drawing Portfolio includes all the materials you will need to master the basic skill of realistic drawing.


portfolio with carrying handle

drawing tips

  • Drawing Board

  • A 26-page booklet which includes a guide to each lesson and drawings to clarify each exercise.
    The Portfolio Booklet, published by Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Inc., follows the format of the 5-day course. It gives you all the instructions and tips you need so when you're drawing back at home, you've always got them to hand if you need to refresh your memory.

  • Extra-Large Template

  • Large Template

  • Small Template

  • strathmore drawing pad

  • Large Drawing Pad

    (Strathmore 400 series 24 sheets 11" x 14" / 27.9 x 35.6cm, 80lb)

  • Small Drawing Pad

    (Strathmore 400 series 24 sheets 9" x 12" / 22.9 x 30.5cm, 80lb)

  • Strathmore drawing paper is very forgiving. It's easy to correct a line or change your mind without spoiling your drawing. Unfortunately it's not possible to buy this paper in the UK so I import it specially from the USA for the course.

  • Graphite Stick(4B)
  • The graphite stick is used to lay a 'ground'. It helps beginning students start a drawing and helps develop skills of using light and shade

  • Self-Portrait Mirror
  • On Day 1 students do a pre-instruction drawing as a record of their skills at the start of the course. On Day 5 students do another self-portrait - this time using all the skills learned during the course. Seeing the two drawings side-by-side is a great way to see you how much you have learned in just five days.

  • Red Gel
  • The red gel film placed over the mirror helps the student see shapes of light and shade more clearly.

  • Small Picture Plane/Viewfinder

  • Large Picture Plane/Viewfinder
  • The viewfinder/picture plane comes in two sizes and is a unique tool devised by Brian Bomeisler. It is based on similar tools to those used by artists such as Durer and Van Gogh. It helps the beginning student with composition, seeing negative space and mastering difficult foreshortening in a subject.

  • Angle finder
  • The angle finder is particularly helpful for the perspective drawings we do on Day 3. This tool is unique to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® and with the propertion finder, was also developed by Brian Bomeisler.

  • Proportion finder
  • Another unique tool, the proportion finder helps the beginning student check relationships so the finished drawing has the proportions intended from the start.

  • Wipe-clean marker pen

  • Writing Pencil(2)

  • Drawing Pencil(4B)

  • Drawing Pencil(6B)

  • Pencil Sharpener

  • Kneaded or Putty Eraser

  • Plastic Eraser

  • Pencil-top Eraser


    Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: Seven Lessons to Enhance Creativity and Artistic Self-Confidence

    One hour and 50-minute film presented by Dr Betty Edwards. Available to purchase and watch online through the DRSB Inc store here


    The Drawing Portfolio is only available as part of the 5-day course and is not available for sale separately in the UK. However, if you would like to own the Portfolio and its unique drawing tools, designed by Brian Bomeisler, find out more about how you can sign up for a UK 5-Day Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® course, developed by Dr Edwards. here

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    You can buy the Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® Portfolio in the USA here

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