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Certified Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain instructor, operating under license from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain (www.drawright.com)

Course Dates 2011

If you've always wanted to learn to draw, Dr. Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain 5-day intensive course is a proven technique for teaching drawing - particularly to those people who swear they could never be taught to draw! This course is taught in the UK by Anna Black, certified and licensed by Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Inc.

All places are now taken but please contact me if you'd like to be added to a waiting list.

LONDON: 15th - 19th August 2011 This course is full

WHERE? Amadeus Centre, Shirland Road, Little Venice, London W9 HOW MUCH? £475 plus accommodation and full board

Special Course Fee price of £425 if you book and pay in full before 1st April 2011

Course fee includes:
  • 35 Hours of teaching
  • The Drawing Portfolio (RRP Over £70)*see note below.

    This course is now full. Please contact me if you'd like to go on a waiting list in case a place becomes available

    The contents of the Drawing Portfolio were designed by Dr Betty Edwards and Brian Bomeisler. It includes all the materials you will need for the course, including drawing tools unique to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. These unique tools were developed by Brian Bomeisler based on those used by the Old Masters. The Portfolio and its contents are yours to take home and keep.

    If you are interested in purchasing the portfolio separately or for courses in the United States with Brian Bomeisler, follow the link at the bottom of the page.

    If you would like to be among the first to hear about new course dates in the UK as soon as they are announced please contact me to be added to the mailing list.

    View a slideshow of student drawings and class photos
    If you are interested in booking for next year but you are still sceptical that you will really learn the basic skills of drawing in just five days, why don't you view a slideshow showing some drawings done by participants on the course here (a new window will open)

    Read participants' feedback on the course devised by Dr Edwards and taught by Anna Black

    "I rate this course 10/10 as it has met all my expectations and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to draw. The course was well-paced/structured and organised.

    You can also read some participant feedback and a more indepth account of one participant's experience here (a new window will open)

    To find out more about how the course is structured and what you will learn, click here

    For further information and a booking form, click here

    Read what the media and other people have thought of Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain course here ( a new window will open)


    There are many times I put off doing something because I think it’s too big a job – whether it is cleaning the refrigerator (procrastinator’s estimate: a whole afternoon, actual time less than 30 minutes), planting a window box herb garden (procrastinator’s estimate: a whole day, actual time a couple of hours including trip to garden centre), completing a portrait (procrastinator’s estimate: several hours, actual time less than 60 minutes).

    One of the commonest reasons I hear for not drawing is that ‘I don’t have time’. My challenge to you this month is to find the wasted moments in your daily life when you could find time to draw. Here are some tips that I hope might help.

    • Keep a pared down drawing kit to hand. Consider carefully what the essentials are and stick to them.
    • I separate my materials into different labelled boxes – pastels in one, drawing pencils in another, charcoal in another etc. This does mean I sometimes end up buying duplicates of things like kneaded erasers but I think it’s worth it as it saves me having to scrabble around trying to find stuff.
    • Think about what is the best media to use for the time you have. A pencil drawing done in hard H pencils needing multiple layers of cross hatching is going to take several hours. For making the most of pockets of time I’d use an ink pen or biro, charcoal, an 8B or softer pencil or oil pastels (not chalk as the clearing up of the chalk dust takes too long!). This week I did a portrait on two different evenings– Both took under an hour and so filled a spot when my normal tendency would be to collapse in front of some mindless tv!
    • Consider keeping a list of things to draw in your sketchbook or a folder of reference photographs or drawings to work from. We all get stuck for inspiration so make it easy for yourself.
    • Since I've had a touch screen device I've been drawing/painting much much more. I use the Brushes app on my iphone and ipad but am also starting to use ArtRage. There are all kinds of apps for colour and black and white, for apple and android, so experiment. Being able to paint with my phone means I'll often end up doing something in a 45-minute lunch break.
    • Drawing doesn't have to be about producing a finished piece of work. Practising cross-hatching and other marks is useful and can be quite relaxing. Blind contour drawing is also another good exercise to do that can take 3 minutes or 30!

    I find the more I draw and paint, the more I want to do it but sometimes I have to give myself a shove to start the ball rolling, then I just do it, regardless of whether I am in the mood or not. I have also found that I can't wait for big chunks of time to suddenly open up. If I want to draw I have to make time. So over the summer see how many drawing moments you can create.

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