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Learn to See as an Artist Sees - Learn to Draw in just 5 Days
April 09, 2019


  • July 27th - 1st August in north Wales is nearly full so book now to get one of the last places and avoid disappointment

  • May 6-10th in central London is now full. Contact me to go on the waiting list

Contact me to book your place now

'Before' and 'After' Student Drawings

North Wales: 27th July - 1st August 2019

Drawing is hard work so afternoon tea and cake is always welcome and much needed! How about combining 5 days of drawing with a holiday in stunning north Wales? Trigonos is on the edge of Snowdonia (you can see Snowdon from the garden) and this is the perfect setting to learn to draw and as a bonus, we are spoiled with amazing vegetarian food!

JULY 27th to AUGUST 1ST Residential in North Wales (non residential options available. Non-drawing partners welcome subject to availability.

What do students say?

“this course is about so much more than learning to draw. It's about learning to really see, and the curiosity that evokes.” SF

“what I really loved about the course was the gateway it opens up the other possibilities.”

“…how dramatically it [the course] improved my confidence and increased my pleasure in drawing” Katie N

“I'm very proud of my progress…I'd recommend this course to anyone who's interested in drawing and arts or just simply wants to have fun and see the world in a new light." Palma B

“It was hard to believe what I had previously read about the benefits achievable from following the methods taught in the drawing exercises, but it really is working for me.” RS

“It seems that I have finally found a method of learning which works” KE

“I felt my brain switch into this new and different mode. The anxious and insistent need to keep “doing stuff” disappeared, to be replaced by a calm and focus I had not experienced before.” CF

“I love this feeling of freedom and potential the course has given me, and a new way of seeing the world.” CF

“Thank you for a splendid week. I've waited 13 years to do this course and it was worth the wait!”GP

Discover what learning to draw will give to you. Join us on a 2019 workshop in the UK



Dr. Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® 5-day intensive course is a proven technique for teaching drawing - particularly to those people who swear they could never be taught to draw! This course is taught in the UK by Anna Black, certified and licensed by Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® Inc.

Anna teaches in the UK in central London (Little Venice), non-residential, and North Wales, near Bangor, (residential).
  • The course lasts for 5 days (9.30am-5.30pm) and includes 35 hours of teaching and The Drawing Portfolio (RRP over £55 exc dvd).

  • The cost for the course and all materials is £525. There is an additional charge for board and accommodation on the residential courses and you can purchase the dvd separately. Save £50 off the course fee by booking before the early bird expires. See individual course dates.

Find out Course dates and Early Bird discounts for 2019 here


Here is a video of work from the last 2 days of the course. Although the drawings you see here are all portraits, students are learning the skill of drawing - a global skill that can be applied to drawing any subject matter. A sneak peek inside the last couple of days of the workshop


The contents of the Drawing Portfolio were designed by Dr Betty Edwards and Brian Bomeisler. It includes all the materials you will need for the course, including drawing tools unique to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain®. These unique tools were developed by Brian Bomeisler based on those used by the Old Masters. The Portfolio and its contents are yours to take home and keep. Find out more about the Drawing Portfolio here


You can contact Anna Black here

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Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® USA

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