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Discover how learning to draw boosts confidence
February 23, 2020

Many people coming on the 5-day Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain workshop discover much more than how to draw - this week I talk about how learning a new skill boosts confidence plus updates on current courses.

Last chance to get your early bird discount which expires 28th February Save £50 for North Wales 5-day workshop July 18-23rd 2020 This course is nearly full.

Next London course with spaces is May 18-22nd 2020 As the March course is now full this gives you another opportunity to learn to draw in London in the first half of the year. After May, the next London course will be October.

NEW Scotland 5-day workshop September 14th - 18th 2020 in Lochgoilhead which is about  70 minutes from Glasgow international airport. Loch Goil is part of Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park and is a fantastic area for walking, golf, fishing and boating.

I will also be announcing dates for a new 2- day Follow-on course for 'graduates' shortly - find out more below.

In each 5-day workshop you will get:

  • 5 days of drawing
  • 35 hours of teaching
  • includes portfolio of drawing materials and unique Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® tools to support your drawing (RSP £75)
  • Supportive and encouraging learning environment

2020 Workshop Dates

Non-residential courses in London and the residential in north Wales
Book early and save £50 see individual courses for details.


March 16-20th 2020
This course is full. Please get in touch to go on the waiting list

May 18-22nd 2020
This course is filling up fast

October 26-30th 2020
(early bird expires 30th April 2020)


July 18-23rd 2020 (early bird expires 28th February 2020)

This course is residential and there is an additional charge for full board accommodation. It is possible to attend on a non-residential basis.

This course is now nearly full.

September 14-18th 2020 (early bird expires 14th April 2020)

This course is non-residential but I can give you accommodation suggestions.

Find out more about prices and locations here

If you would like further information and to book please reply to this email.

The north Wales course takes place a lovely venue, Trigonos, which is on the edge of Snowdonia. Enjoy amazing food in stunning surroundings (and learn to draw!)

"I loved it, great group of people, easy-going, non-competitive and fun!

*New* Follow-on Course for Alumni

I'm delighted to announce that in 2020 I will be launching a 2-day follow-on course for those of you who have completed the 5-day workshop. I know this is something that people have been asking for!

I have been working with Dr Edwards and Master Instructor Brian Bomeisler over the last few months refining the content and we hope that it will help you consolidate your drawing skills and take them to another level. If you haven't been drawing and things are feeling a bit rusty this would be a great way to get back into it.

This workshop is open to those of you who have completed the 5-day workshop and you will need your portfolio materials. The first one will most likely be in London but I also hope to run them in Scotland.

Register interest

Dates and location are still to be confirmed but do reply to this email if you would like to register interest (without any commitment).

How Drawing Boosts Confidence

“What I really loved about the course was the gateway it opens up the other possibilities. Having been an artistic no-hoper all my life, within three days I felt very comfortable calling myself an artist because the evidence was right there in front of me in my drawings.

And if that's possible, what else is? In just a few weeks since the course I've taught myself how to play tennis left-handed, picked up lots of Spanish from scratch, and I'm successfully teaching myself how to swim for a kilometre at a time. All of it has been fun and effortless, which was exactly how I experienced the course with Anna. That really helped me to see how thoroughly and unnecessarily most of us block learning new skills.” Si Feely

All of us tend to gravitate towards the things we do well – if we discover a particular skill set we look for jobs that capitalise on that. The more we do something the more hard-wired it becomes in the brain and so it becomes easier; we are confident, relaxed and it feels good. Most people will stay in that comfortable zone rather than risk experimenting in new areas where they are a beginner again. Being a beginner can feel vulnerable; we may be afraid of making a fool of ourselves (particularly if we are used to being able to do things); it can feel really uncomfortable! However, the downside of staying in one’s comfort zone is that one never learns or grows and we can stagnate. It becomes harder and harder to take a risk and try something new.

Learning any new skill requires going through a learning curve. The more you can view learning as a process of exploration and discovery rather than a means to an end the better. Through exploring new things you will learn new skills but as importantly, you will discover things about yourself – the way you tackle problems and challenges for example or what gets in the way of you doing something new or the fact that you can do what you have always believed you could not.

Learning to draw is something that many people aspire to but believe is impossible. When you discover that you can learn to draw (and in as little as 5 days) then a myriad of possibilities opens up – what else might you be able to do?


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