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The Secret of Learning How to Draw is Easier than You Think
August 02, 2018

Drawing can seem a mystery beyond the abilities of mere mortals but actually the secret of learning how to draw is easier than you think!

You can learn the five perceptual skills that make up the skill of drawing in a 5-day Drawing on Right Side of the Brain® workshop. Whether you are a complete beginner or want to develop existing skills further the 5-day Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® workshop teaches so much more than learning to draw (though we do that too).

The November course is now full so your last chance to do a course at 2018 prices is September 17-21st in central London
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"It’s nearly a year since I did DRSB and I just wanted to let you know how dramatically it improved my confidence and increased my pleasure in drawing. Not a week has gone by without me picking up a pencil, or pastel and putting the skills to use. ” Kate Nixon

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How do we learn to draw?

Drawing is a global skill – a global skill is one that is made up of component skills. So for example if you want to learn to read and write you need to learn the alphabet, grammar and have a good vocabulary. Other global skills are things like riding a two-wheel bicycle and learning to drive a car. The skills you will learn on a 5-day workshop are perceptual skills:
1. Edges In drawing an edge is a shared boundary between the object and the space around it. We discover if we slow the pencil line right down, L-Mode gets bored and allows R-Mode to take over allowing us to see all the nuances that make up a line or edge.
2. Spaces Focusing on the spaces around and between the object is another strategy to allow R-Mode to take over the task. By drawing the empty spaces we get the object for free.
3. Sighting Sighting angles and proportions correctly is the key to make something look realistic. Once you understand the skill of sighting you can make anything look three-dimensional.
4. Light and Shadow Rendering light and shade helps create form and also contributes to the mood of the drawing.
5. The Gestalt This fifth skill is the essence of the subject – the likeness, the mood, all the things that make it what it is. This final skill arises out of rendering the other four skills accurately.

It can often feel a struggle to learn a global skill but we suddenly ‘get it’ and then we have it for life. Would you like to learn these skills? If the answer is Yes, contact me now to book for September 17-21st in central London. Contact me here

Whether you are a complete beginner or perhaps you would just like to develop your skills and confidence, particularly at drawing from life, then this 5-day Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® workshop is for you.

Dr. Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® 5-day intensive course is a proven technique for teaching drawing - particularly to those people who swear they could never be taught to draw!

Courses are held in central London and north Wales and taught by Anna Black a Certified Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® instructor, operating under license from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® Inc (

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