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Registration open for Spring 2024 courses
October 09, 2023


Registration is now open for the first course dates in Spring 2024 which will be end of February and March in Scotland. I'm afraid I don't have any plans to be teaching in London in 2024.

The course in Scotland is residential and gives you the opportunity to relax and recharge in beautiful surroundings on the shores of Loch Goil (just over an hour from Glasgow Airport or 2.5 hours from Edinburgh airport). The course is held in my studio and so the group is small - maximum 5 participants - and you get to have the company of little Mac Black - my yorkipoo as a bonus! You will stay in Rowan House, the five star rated B&B run by my husband and I.

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This residential course will be held in Carrick Castle, Lochgoilhead (about  70 minutes from Glasgow international airport).

In each 5-day workshop you will get:

  • 5 days of drawing
  • 35 hours of teaching
  • includes portfolio of drawing materials and unique Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® tools to support your drawing (RSP £115)
  • Supportive and encouraging learning environment
  • No more than 5 people in group


FEBRUARY 2024 Friday 23rd February (check-in after 4pm) until Thursday 29th February 2024 (check out by 10am). The workshop is Saturday 24th - Wednesday 28th February 9.30am to 5.30pm.

MARCH 2024 Saturday 23rd March (check-in after 4pm) until Friday 29th March 2024 (check out by 10am). The workshop is Sunday 24th - Thursday 28th March 9.30am to 5.30pm.

Find out more about course fees

"I learned that I CAN draw! Realistically, and from life! The physical evidence resides on the pages of the drawing pads in the portfolio (provided as part of the course). I honestly believed with a rock-solid certainty that it was not possible, and I was wrong. What a joy!"
Frank Edwards

5 Days to Learn to See - and Draw!

Day 1 EDGES An introduction to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain and the importance of strengthening 'R-mode' ('right brain') so you can choose which mode of mind you can use depending on the task in hand. You will also learn about edges and how knowledge can get in the way of drawing. You will start using the unique Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain tools you will receive in your portfolio. You will also do your pre-instruction drawing.

Day 2 NEGATIVE SPACE The modified contour drawing of a foreshortened hand is all about edges and negative space. In the afternoon we draw a chair focusing on negative space and start learning how to draw things in proportion with the correct angles - sighting. We choose a chair as there is nowhere to hide and misperceptions in sighting will show up clearly.

Day 3 SIGHTING Often said to be the most difficult skill to learn, learning to sight angles and proportions correctly is key to depicting a 3-dimensional object/scene in two dimensions.

DAY 4 PROFILE PORTRAIT You will learn key proportions for drawing someone from life in the profile view. The profile portrait is a chance to practice all the skills you have been learning.

DAY 5 BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER After learning about the theory of light and shadow (although you will be using light and shadow all through the week), the main drawing is the self-portrait. Students get to see the progress they have made compared to their pre-instruction drawings.

Whether you are interested in drawing, painting, printmaking, design, photography... learning to see as an artist sees is an essential first step. Now the journey really begins! Find out more about prices and locations here

If you would like further information and to book please reply to this email.

The Studio at Rowan House.
"Rowan House provided a perfect venue and relaxing environment in which to learn to draw. The studio was well ventilated, clean, comfortable and bright. It was well lit and furnished appropriately, with individual desks and comfortable chairs (and a variety of cushions available, if required). The location, with its fantastic views of the loch and surrounding mountains, only enhanced what could be described as an ideal learning environment."
Loretta Kane

Find out more about course dates & fees here


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