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Learn the secret of drawing: registration open for 2019
October 21, 2018

Drawing can seem a mystery beyond the abilities of mere mortals but actually the secret of learning how to draw is easier than you think!

You can learn the five perceptual skills that make up the skill of drawing in a 5-day Drawing on Right Side of the Brain® workshop held in central London or in North Wales. Whether you are a complete beginner or want to develop existing skills further the 5-day Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® workshop teaches so much more than learning to draw (though we do that too).

  • Remaining courses in 2018 are all full

  • Registration is now open for 2019 course at venues in London and north Wales.

  • Book now to take advantage of early bird discounts.

"I am so happy to look at what I see in the world and know that I can draw it... Or at least make an attempt. It’s wonderful - thank you so much for facilitating that opening in my life. I am acutely aware that practise is REALLY important, so have been making sure I draw something every day - it’s so enjoyable, and I get those times when as you say “it just ‘happens’!!” ... I look at the end result a little bemused at how it happened, but there is the proof before me!. ” Flora F.

Dr. Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® 5-day intensive course is a proven technique for teaching drawing - particularly to those people who swear they could never be taught to draw! This course is taught in the UK by Anna Black, certified and licensed by Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain® Inc.

Anna teaches in the UK in central London (Little Venice), non-residential, and North Wales, near Bangor, (residential).
  • The course lasts for 5 days (9.30am-5.30pm) and includes 35 hours of teaching and The Drawing Portfolio (RRP over £55 exc dvd).

  • The cost for the course and all materials is £525. There is an additional charge for board and accommodation on the residential courses and you can purchase the dvd separately.

  • The contents of the Drawing Portfolio were designed by Dr Betty Edwards and Brian Bomeisler. It includes all the materials you will need for the course, including drawing tools unique to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain®. These unique tools were developed by Brian Bomeisler based on those used by the Old Masters. The Portfolio and its contents are yours to take home and keep.

Find out dates for UK courses as well as early bird discounts here

    You can find out more about courses in the USA and the rest of the world at the end of the newsletter.

Learn to see rather than draw

Learning to draw is about learning to see. Most people see the world in a kind of shorthand - we are constantly being bombarded with information and so the brain has to edit and simplify it - creating symbols and shortcuts.

This is really helpful for managing the complex world we live in but is not so helpful when it comes to drawing. We need to learn to draw what is actually there rather than what we think is there.

We can let go of any anxieties around 'I can't draw' and instead focus on practising seeing. Try it now - spend a few minutes just looking at whatever is in front of you - your hand, a flower...notice the shape, the colours, the texture, the space around and between... just look and see. What do you notice?

The contents of the 5-day workshop have been honed over the years by Dr Betty Edwards and Brian Bomeisler so each day builds on the next, introducing new skills and most importantly, opening up the skill of seeing - so you learn to see as an artist sees. Think how amazing that will be - not just for drawing but also for appreciating the world around you, visiting galleries, and so much more. If you want to find out more or book, please contact me here

Urban Sketching with Oliver Hoeller

I'm delighted to share details of a one-day workshop taught by Oliver Hoeller

Oliver is planning a 1-day workshop in central London on 15th December 2018. Based in the USA he is keen to find out the level of interest as soon as possible therefore if you are interested please let him know as soon as possible.

"Often we see things that appeal to us—a statue, a button, a watch, stuff on display—but we don’t sketch them because they may be a weak motif by themselves. In this workshop we will learn strategies to combine many weak elements into an interesting spread that tells the story of a place. We will practice this skill at a the British Museum, where we assemble personal spreads out of the individual pieces on display. I will demonstrate how to stay loose when drawing and introduce you to 10 strategies to form a rich picture out of individual elements. Participants will then select from the tools presented and draw their own 2 spreads in the museum. Half way through one-on-one feedback will help to solidify the approaches. In the end we will develop our spreads further to add a center of interest. For this we will use a dry medium or watercolor depending on what's allowed in the museum. We will share our work and discuss the results."

If you are interested please email Oliver directly to express your interest and request further information. All bookings are directly through Oliver. Find out more about Oliver on his website here: Oliver Hoeller
Email Oliver for more information here

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